Termas Uno Hotel

El Chueco Restaurant

The Italian flavors that Juan and his Italian family were used to, lit up with the flavors of Santiago del Estero. In El Chueco, typical Italian dishes cross with local notes from Santiago del Estero to create a balanced menu. The bistro offers a menu that runs through all personal and professional moments of Fangio's life.

Juan Manuel Fangio was born at 12:10 AM on Saturday, June 24, 1911. He was the fourth son of the Italian immigrants Loreto Fangio in the city of Balcarce. As a youth he was nicknamed "Chueco" on account of his arched left leg which made him a skillful kicker during neighborhood soccer matches.

The restaurant service has a menu consisting of 4 starters, 4 main courses, and 4 desserts. They are all thematic and allude to important motor racing dates, automobiles, and racing prizes.

Dinner: 9:00PM to 11:00PM
Bar: 7:00AM to 2:00AM

  • Breakfast
  • Entrée
  • Main courses
  • Desserts
  • Wines